The Aim of the Project

This research is inspired by a similar study Future of Britain which explored future trends in Great Britain and brought real implications for the business in the U.K. And this is our aim in the Czech Republic as well.

The Czech Republic is changing. During the economic crisis we witnessed a wide range of consumer reactions—very gentle on one side and extreme on the other side. It might seem unbelievable but many consumers began to remember the times before 1989 with nostalgy due to the crisis. The word „discount“ became a common part of a consumer vocabulary and does not concern only lower classes. We are confronted with special offers and discounts walking in shops as well as browsing the Internet. The use of discount coupons became a common practice.

We cannot deny these facts. But at the Czech OMG Research we think that the recession topic is more comprehensive. Whereas media associate the future of the Czech Republic with the economic crisis our view goes beyond this economic framework. Population dynamics, technological progress, information literacy, change of attitude to values, uncertainty and distrust in institutions – these powers as well as the economic crisis in our view influence the future of the Czech Republic.

These still unexplored topics represent a challenge for us. That is why we got in touch with the Centre for Social Marketing in September 2013 and started the project Future of the Czech Republic—one-year research exploring the future face of the Czech consumer society. We relied on the cooperation with academics and we applied theoretical knowledge and advanced research methods to problems which our clients face in practice.


We took into consideration socio-demographic trends and we focused on the types of households which will form the most influential consumer segments in the future (singles, seniors living alone, empty nests and the most important forms of nuclear families. We selected 21 households from the whole of the Czech Republic and we visited them from November 2013 till April 2014. During these ethnographic visits we had a chance to explore in depth not only the content of their fridges but also their fears and plans for the future and their relation to brands. Then we verified these hypotheses and insights in a quantitative research through a sample of 1575 respondents.

OMG research

OMG Research We are a part of one of the biggest global communication agencies Omnicom Media Group and we have occupied ourselves with a marketing research in the Czech Republic since 1996. During this time we managed to create a lot of unique research studies which help us to be well informed about the product category of our clients and to find an ideal solution to improve their marketing and communication strategies.

Our team consists of some experts on consumer and media research, data analysis but also advanced forms of marketing research as econometrics or neuromarketing.

Our philosophy and aims

  • Comprehensive attitude to a strategic brand management
  • Direct connection of research to marketing planning
  • Efficient interconnection of all relevant data and research sources (ad hoc research, media activities, retail sales etc.)
  • Brand or product handling in connection with sales results and situations on the market
  • Together with an expert knowledge of the marketing and media environment we are able to deliver the most efficient solution
  • We deliver a solution not a research

Centre for Social Marketing

CSM The social marketing is a marketing for people. It is an area of marketing that uses commercial marketing techniques in order to improve the life of a consumer and the whole society. The aim of the commercial marketing is to influence the consumers’ behaviour so that they buy a specific product or service. The social marketing uses these well-tried techniques to solve a specific problem of a society as a whole (for example healthy lifestyle, smoking or gambling) and so to make a consumer more satisfied.

Our philosophy and aims

  • We gather information about problems of a society as a whole (for example health, poverty, old age) and we create systematically an information bank which draws upon not only synergies of the projects and topics but also the international social science theory. This information bank develops in cooperation with commercial companies that consider the respect topics up-to-date or are not unconcerned about them.
  • We apply the acquired information in particular social marketing programs which refer to a fixed consumer category and we offer to consumers a tempting alternative to their current behaviour. In that way it is possible to offer to a consumer not a restraint following the change of his current behaviour (for example smoking, unhealthy alimentation) but an alternative that increases his feeling of satisfaction.


Michaela Hráčková Pyšňáková
(OMG Research, main implementer of the project)

Michaela started her professional career as an academic researcher, she specialized in the sociology of consumption and qualitative methods. During her stay at the research centre of the University of Liverpool, a place of her Ph.D. study, she has learned to explore things in depth and from different perspectives. Since the beginning of her employment in the OMG research insight team she has been trying to apply this academic research to practical marketing problems, including both qualitative and quantitative projects. She believes this interconnection on which also the project Future of the Czech Republic is based will not only contribute to deeper understanding of future consumer trends, but also indicate the future of the Czech marketing research.


Zuzana Chytková, Ph.D.
(CSM, main implementer and guarantor of the project)

Zuzana is the president of the civic association Centre for Social Marketing and a lecturer at the Marketing Department of the University of Economics in Prague. She studied marketing and market survey at the University of Pisa where she gained her Ph.D. Since 2010 she has been working at the Marketing Department of the University of Economics in Prague and dealing with consumer behaviour. She specializes above all in the research of symbolic, socio-historical and cultural aspects of consumption.

Beside the University of Pisa she worked at universities in Denmark and France and still collaborates with them on projects concerning health and immigration. She presented her work at international conferences in the United States, Great Britain or France. She is the author of many research papers published in Czech and international journals such as Advances in Consumer Research, Consumption, Markets and Culture, or Research in Consumer Behaviour. She is the member of the Institute of Marketing and the international professional organization Association for Consumer Research.


Libuše Tvrzníková
(OMG Research, implementer of the project)

Libuše focuses on market research area for 11 years. She devoted most of this time to projects focused on a brand—its strategy, target group and communication. Above all, she likes to search for practical „business“ recommendations for the strategy of a brand in the behaviour, opinions and attitudes of a target group. And she is delighted at any occasion when the brand reveals itself to a large extent. She is a defender of a traditional research but also a curious experimenter in the area of new research procedures and techniques.


Magdaléna Lásková
(OMG Research, implementer of the project)

Since her childhood, Magdaléna has asked her older brother if she could join him in his voluntary work and fill in questionnaires in the street. She was fascinated by the variety and similarity of people. She liked to ask people questions, whatever the topic was. She likes to interconnect the qualitative and quantitative world. In OMG she is responsible for the implementation of focus groups. After all she is keen on working with a group. During her Ph.D. study of sociology at Sussex University in the U.K. she passed the TESOL course which trained her in different pedagogical and communication techniques. She used them later as a teacher at a secondary school and currently she uses them as a moderator of focus groups.


Pavla Procházková
(OMG Research, implementer of the project)

Pavla’s work is her biggest hobby – to analyse people. She is curious, interested in human behaviour motivations and people’s expectations. She likes to think about future trends. She thinks the Czech Republic is at the present time the best place to live.


Lenka Hádková
(OMG Research, implementer of the project)

Lenka is keen on trying new ways revealing consumer insights. She uses qualitative and quantitative methods in order to find new things related to current consumers and brands. She spares no effort in applying this knowledge in strategy setting. She has been working in the marketing research for more than five years.